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The Iowa Textile Restoration Process

At Iowa Textile Restoration, one of our goals is to simplify the process for restoring your textile items, helping to remove some of the stress brought on by the damage to your possessions. Read through our five step process:

We respond to emergency calls quickly and efficiently. We work round the clock to deliver immediate need items back within 24 hours.
Textiles are listed on an Item Detailed Inventory and submitted directly to the adjuster with the customer’s authorization. We do not charge for damaged items which are non-restorable. A separate inventory of non-restorable items is provided.
Our experienced textile care specialists sort each item individually to ensure proper care in cleaning
Textiles are kept in our secure, on-site, temperature controlled storage area.
Delivery at customer’s convenience.

For questions or more information, email or call us at 515-971-7676 .